LOGOTEACHING2    Team as Support: A High-Impact Practice  |   Faculty Interest Group at Kingsborough

The New Physics of Teamwork in the Classroom (Energetic Principles and Baggage Disruptors)

​In this FIG, facilitated by Lea Fridman (English), we will explore a classroom design that combines two maverick approaches to team learning: Team Based Learning (TBL) and Landmark Education’s Team Management and Leadership Program (TMLP). In this design, permanent student teams function as energetic centers of learning and of accountability for learning at both the individual and team levels. This is a system that powerfully harnesses peer support for all students in the class!

Please join us as we consider:

  • the language of “possibility” used to articulate the goals that individuals and teams set for themselves;
  • the role and tasks of teams as the infrastructure of learning;
  • the use of social media to support attendance and assignments, and to create a platform for discussion beyond the classroom;
  • team dynamics and trust;
  • and much, much more!

Teamwork in the Classroom


Group Facilitators

Lea Fridman, English
Lea Fridman